Your Union Dues: What You Give & Where It Goes

From the pages of Union's 2010 contract with National Grid

Dues Collection for the Union's Strike/Lockout Fund

National Grid makes payroll deductions of One dollar and Fifty cents ($1.50) per week per member of the Union and pays that amount to the Union for its Strike/Lockout Fund (p.4).

Opt-In Dues Collection for the International's Political Contributions Committee

National Grid provides individual employees who are members of the Union the opportunity to authorize and direct the company to make payroll deductions in increments of $0.25 from their weekly wages to be assigned and paid over to the Transport Workers Union Political Contributions Committee by the company on a weekly basis.Any employee who authorizes and directs that such wage deductions be made shall be required to execute a written authorization in a form aceptable to the company (pp. 4-5).