Members: Who We Are

The Transport Workers Union Local 101, AFL-CIO is the collective bargaining representative for all physical service, maintenance and operations employees and clerical employees performing work as employees of National Grid in Brooklyn and Queens. Local 101 establishes through contracts with National Grid the collectively bargained compensation rates, systems and work rules required to assure the shared success of the company and its workers.

We are Meter Operations Mechanics, Corrosion Technicians, Field Operations Inspectors, Welders, Mechanics, Customer Service Representatives, and Call Center Representatives.

We work hard each and every day to ensure the safety of National Grid customers and the proper transmission and distribution of natural gas throughout the boroughs. We are members of the Transport Workers Union Local 101. Burning Bright.

Member Story: "Union Brothers Supported Me During Crisis"

Bobby Mcginnis, Field Operations Inspector A with National Grid and TWU Local 101 member for twenty-six years, was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer a year and a half ago. In this video, he tells the story of how TWU Local 101 came to his aid, with more than 60 Union Brothers and Sisters donating their vacation days to him so that he could have the time to recuperate and return to work strong. But that's only half of the story: Less than a month after his final surgery, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her fellow teachers at the UFT were inspired by the actions of Local 101 members and came together to donate to her more than 30 of their vacation days.