Educational Materials from Our Section Meetings

Workers Compensation Spotlight: Discussion Led by Comp Attorney

Compensation attorney Chris Falconetti of Bangel, Cohen & Falconetti, LLP gave an information session along with retired NYPD Sergeant John Fiordeliso at our October Section Meeting. In the video, Chris outlines the first steps for a worker after they are injured on the job, what counts as an on-the-job injury, and what he or she is entitled to.

February Section Meeting Highlights


  • Mayoral Candidate Sal Albanese
  • Labor Lawyer and Arbitration Expert Joe Farelli, Esq.


  • Do NOT sign the new forms being handed out at the company before speaking with your Delegate. They were not shown to the Union, and we are asking that you wait until we make sure they are safe to sign.
  • Payroll Lawsuit Update: The Union believes that members are owed, as per the Arbitrator's decision, 9 percent annual compensation on their late W-2s as well as their paychecks. More information to come.